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Equipment For Sale (MELB) Full homebrewing setup for sale, keggles, speidel fermenters, kegs etc!

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So I've decided after a long time not brewing that it was time to part with my equipment to free up space at home and to give back to a community that helped me out a lot when i first started. This setup includes all you need to setup a 3 tier, gravity fed 50L homebrewery. It is all clean, as i kept things clean after using, but things are covered in dust from not being used. This system works really well and has served me for a long time. I'm happy to walk through anyone who buys it too, as an ex-grain and grape employee I have quite a bit of knowledge to share.

3 x keggles, fitted with everything including therms, taps, sight guages and the HLT has a thermowell for auto heating and a sparge ring.
Mash paddle
A rusty, old mill (can probably be cleaned up and fixed
Old cooling coil, can be refurbished quite easily
6 x refurbished corny kegs (also have many parts to fix if needed).
3 x speidel fermenters and spare bits (10L, 20L and 60L)
3 x Erlenmeyer flasks (1L, 3L and 5L)
23L better bottle
3 x 5L demijohns
Carlton hydrometer 1.000 - 1.100
Borosilicate hydro flask
Series 3 Kegerator that works but is probably on its last legs
3 way font tower
SS taps and connections
SS pluto beer gun
Drip tray
PH meter
Spunding valve setup
More disconnects than you can wave a brew in a bag at
Mesh brew in a bags
C02 regulators
Pick up tubes
Floating pick up tubes
O rings and bits
Oxygenation setup
Carbonation caps

This is just the main things but there are heaps of little bits that you may or may not find useful. Happy to discuss price but I think $600 is fair for the whole thing.


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