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I am keen to do some brewing in the couple of weeks and want to do a full mash. I have done one full mash before and it turned out great. :) I was thinking of buying a 25kg/50kg bag of grain, however I don't know what grain to buy or what a good price is. (I mainly brew light to medium coloured beers, normally lagers with Saflager in a fermenting fridge.) I am regularly down Brisbane if there is somewhere good to get grain there? Any advice would be appreciated.
Also is there anyone out there in the Toowoomba/Darling Downs area that may want to get together and buy stuff like grain/hops etc in large Qty to get a good price?
About $44 will buy a 25k bag of local malt here, $70-75 for a sack of imported malt. Undoubted dearer on the East Coast

Jovial Monk
sounds like pilsner malt is what your after.
either 'imc' or joe white export.
this is a primo lager malt.

$45 for 25 kgs.
After several calls on the work phone:
I can get Joe White grain (Pils & Ale) here for $60 through my local homebrew shop (from ESB) or according to ESB's website orders over $100 is free delivery to I may just get 2 bags for $100. (Don't know if that counts for bags of grain though :huh: - couldn't get an answer on their phone today).
Thanks for the replies guys, it saved me a lot of running around.

thats a good price.
i could get it for as low as $80 for 50 kg so just consider the extra $20 as the frieght cost since your frieght is free.
at least you don't live in arnham land like are harley riding friend.

i'd get both malts if you get two bags. but if you go with one bag, because your a lager man i'd stick with the pils. You can also make a great pale ale with it.

also you will make great beer with just that ie. 100% pils. but you might want to talk to them about some other malts in small amounts like munich malt to give it a bit of extra malt flavour for a few brews.
you can add anywhere between 200g- 1kg or even up to 80% for a dunkel.
best to start at 200g or something smaller.
hoopsunitedbrewery said:
(Don't know if that counts for bags of grain though :huh: - couldn't get an answer on their phone today)
Please let me know if you find out, because I was interested in this as well.

As soon as I get through to them I will let you know
Thanks for the link, checked it out and he said $55 a bag.

I am thinking now about getting 2 bags of 25Kg grain. I gather the best option would be Ale and Pils.

looking at grain and grape for mine,
Joe White Traditional Ale 5-6 EBC, Pilsner 3-4EBC, 25Kg bag normally $48.75

Would this be the best for a broad range of beers

Just got off the phone to ESB and NO delivery is not free for Grain. It will cost approx $30 freight per bag (that's $80 for 25kg!! :blink: ) so I think I'll stick with somewhere more local. Western Suburbs Brewing is pretty good for $55, I'll see if I can talk my local store down to $55.

wow thats gotta suck.

grain and grape have a sale on so i'm going to order 2 bags of grain, some black malt , 5kg light DME (starters etc) and 5Kg of pale wheat for additions to beers as my last kg is getting low.

ahhh and 1kg of hop plugs
Saaz :)
Well I got my local shop down to $55 a bag so I should have my bag in about a week.

I too was thinking of getting a bag of Pils and Ale but I've just settled on the one bag for now, I'll see how my mashing skills go first :wacko:
munich malt is a must in lagers it adds more body i did a brew with out it and it was thin but the one i did with was heaps better
Just starting off though I'd recommend doing a brew or two of base malt and hops. That way you can get a good idea of what is needed and what effects what.

After that, munich is a must though, everything I do has at least 250g in it.
I will brew a doppelbock/bock partigyle soon with some kilos each of Munich and Dark Munich

step mash definitely needed, betaglacan + added infusion to protein rest temp
decoct to main mash temp
decoct to mash out

also some honey malt in case all that munich doesn't make the beers malty enough

Jovial Monk
Well I now have my $55 bag of Joe White Traditional Pale malt so I am keen as to put a brew down.

Murray, I like your idea, think I'll play around with some basic pale ales and start adding stuff bit by bit to learn how they effect the brew. I don't think I can wait to try Jayse's LCPA clones though, everyone seems so keen on them, and I'm too impatient!

Murray, (or anyone else around Brizzy) if you want to split a bag of grain at some stage to save a bit of money let me know. Maybe a bag of Pils or Munich?

:chug: :chug: :chug:


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