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hi guys
well i have racked my coopers heritage lager to my secondry barrell.it was 1012 fg ,the method i used now has me a bit worried,i sterilised my new barrel and all bits and pieces including my syphon hose,this is the part that worries me ,i syphoned the wort out of the original fermentation barrel via this hose by taking the lid off the barrel with the wort still in it,i held the hose in the middle of the barrel about 2 inches below the top level of the wort so as not to get any of the yeast cake at the bottom and gradually lowered the hose down as the liquid drained until i was about 1 inch from the top of the yeast cake,then i stopped,the bottom of the hose draining into the second barrel was under the wort so as not to errate it ,what i am now concerned about is have i taken enough of the yeast with it to allow for the second fermentation when i eventually bottle it to produce the gas.at the moment it has started with a positive pressure in the second barrel and seems to be bubbling about every 3 to 4 mins,will this still have enough yeast left when i bottle up and add my priming sugar.thinking of leaving the wort in this second barrel for about 4 days,what do you guys think.also i was told by a home brew shop that with the coopers heritage lager that i shouldnt have added the adda pack with extra hops as this will make the coopers lager to strong with hops flavor.i must add that the local brew shop guy that i originally purchased the coopers lager off suggested that particular adda pack and it was another brew shop that told me it was not a good choice
Yes, there will be enough yeast.

Even if you secondary for 6 weeks, and transfer to another fermenter and bulk prime, the beer will be bright and clear and there will still be enough yeast left to carbonate the bottles, it may take a bit longer but will work.
thanks pint,quick response there