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I have heard that ale yeasts ( the ones most commonly found in a k & k ahave trouble getting thru a all malt wort ? the reason iam asking is i have just started replacing all my sugars with LME etc with the kits.So far i have produced a pretty darn good drop using a morgans amber ale and a morgans unhopped malt extract with some fuggles etc.

But now i heard about the yeast problems I want to know what yeast is recomended for all malts for this kind of brewing.

A real brewing yeast will absolutely love chomping into a rich meal of lovely lovely maltose.

Coopers, Morgans etc supply proper brewing yeast, just not enough of it. A can kit that has been sitting on the shelves for a while, especially in summer, will have maybe 3g active grain left. As soon as you come home, take the lid off and pop the packet of yeast in the fridge.

Whether they supply the right type of yeast (lager or ale) may be another problem. I think you will find buying a proper yeast that has been stored in the fridge at the HBS will greatly improve your brews: yeast contributes a lot of the beer flavor.

Safale 04 is OK, but often refuses to flocculate at all. Danstar Nottingham and Windsor are much better ale yeasts, while the 34/70 is a brilliant lager yeast.

If all you have to hand is the little packet kit yeast, really aerate your wort to allow the active yeast to multiply: even pour the fermenting beer into a sanitised bucket and then back into the fermenter twice a day for the first 3 days after pitching.

Jovial Monk
Thanks Jovial,

I checked the hydrometer reading today and it's around the 1014 mark.It started at 1045.

What surprized me was less then 24 hrs ago the reading was 1024 !

A big drop in 1 day. Anyway i will let it ferment out a few more days then keg it,leave it a few more days and then chill and carbonate.

Love those Fuggles !!!
Slightly offtopic, but my last english ale I overdid the fuggles. Ended up tasting way too earthy :(
Its a great hop if used in small amounts, but heavy hopping with it is not a good idea.

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