Wyeast Prez In Sydney Fri 5th August

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Dave Logsdon will be in Sydney next week. Will be popping into the MacQaurie Hotel Sydney later on Friday afternoon.

Be there or be square!
wish he was in adelaide again as it was a good night we had with him at grumpys
is it a booked event(supposed to be there) or is he going there for a quiet one and 10- 12 HBer's asking alsorts of him??
We'll be there for a few beers, no bookings required. Me formality, tsk tsk Linz??
Too late to ask what time? I'll be down there at about 5pm with some colleagues. Anyone else going to the Macca?
I didn't make it as you would know by now.

How did it pan out PoMo ? Many people turn up ? Being informal, was it beneficial ?

/// was there, as was a tall bald guy. I said hello to /// then went and rejoined my colleagues (had my hands full of a shout when I worked out who the guy with the US accent was). They were on their way to the Nag's Head and I decided to stay with my work group.

Pub was crowded and noisy.

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