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I knocked up a porter yesterday and took a tip from Jovial Monk in making a wort aerator out of an old bottling valve. It's not a huge beer but at 1052 I wanted to make sure it got plenty of help with aeration.

I took the spring loaded valve off the end and drilled 6 tiny holes around the tube. I pitched the yeast into a well-aerated wort as usual then about 6 hours later dropped the beer out of the tap and through the tube into a second sanitised fermenter. By adjusting the tap you can get the flow just right so that it sucks air through the little holes and into the wort which then drops into the fresh fermenter. Heaps of froth. Magic. Only effort is sterilising a second fermenter.

I love my new toy. Thanks for tip JM.
Taking JM's advice - I too dropped my SFA after about 48hrs as the lag time was getting to bother me a bit. Didn't have a tube to modify etc given the time problems I was facing....

Anyway, within 3-4hours following that I had froth and yeast (gooey, thick and creamy stuff anyway) coming out of the airlock - its was a bit messy but was very reassuring. It dropped to 1.010 (from 1.052) over the next several days - couldn't be happier

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