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Sold Free Brewing Bits and Pieces

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Como, NSW
Hi All

Doing a cleanup and have a number of brewing bits and pieces to pass on to a someone who will use them. See attached photos

1) Various stainless 1/2 inch fittings (9 inch diameter false bottom, valves, nipples, nuts, elbows, washers etc). Never used.
2) Bottle cleaner tree and bottle capper
3) 65 x brown 750 mls bottles. Not all shown in photo
4) 5l Demijohn and 2l glass bottom
5) Better bottle (20l I think) with tap
6) Warming belt
7) Kettle heating element. Screws through hole in kettle. Never used.
8) Beer Hydrometer, bottle caps, long spoon, bottle tube, airlock, bungs

I have had these in storage for 10 years. All in good condition.
Happy to provide more photos or extra details if required.
Feel free to take just what you want.

Pickup from Como in the Sutherland Shire, NSW



  • Better bottle.jpg
    Better bottle.jpg
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  • bottle drying tree and bottle capper.jpg
    bottle drying tree and bottle capper.jpg
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  • Bottles.jpg
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  • Brew belt.jpg
    Brew belt.jpg
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  • Demijohn and bottle.jpg
    Demijohn and bottle.jpg
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  • Heating element.jpg
    Heating element.jpg
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  • Misc bits.jpg
    Misc bits.jpg
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  • Stainless bits.jpg
    Stainless bits.jpg
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