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hi all
i recently brewed an english pale ale at a gravity of 1.054 and have fermented with the essex yeast at a constant 19c and after 6 days it has only dropped to 1.019 is this normal for this yeast (made a 2pint starter)

any help would be appreciated
I have used this in my last 2 bitters, and i've gone under 1.010 both times. It's only been 6 days, be patient. It also depends what ingredients you've used. When it gets close to 1.010, rack it 2ndary, and leave it for 10days or so, dry hop as well if you want. This yeast is a good attenuator, and will ferment down, and give a nice clear beer, if you give it the time.
this was my grain bill

3.7 pale
0.45 munich
0.22 amber
0.5oz roasted barley

mashed at 64c
Looks o.k to me, the roast barley might give a few extra points, but, really your beer should still come down to at least 1.010. Be patient!!
Iam not at all familiar with that strain but iam sure its no different to most in most respects. I think maybe your yeast health and aeration may have not been satisfactory at the begining for i would expect at least another 5 points of attenuation out of just about any yeast in that wort. No doubt about it you haven't managed to get enough attenuation.

Anyway in answer to your question, Is this normal for this yeast? its not normal for any yeast in such a wort.

All my love
I used the Essex yeast last year in English ales and every batch had a six inch thick head on the primary and yeast cropping was easy.It was like a Monster in the primary .

yeah the first 3 days of fermentation was full on and just when i thought it stopped it would keep filling up the air lock

in reply to jayse i was quite sure my yeast was quite healthy as it started fementing 5 to 6 hours after pitching maybe its just slow
After just 6 days I'm sure it's fine, nothing unusual IMO - Should continue to drop, but if it does stall, just rack to secondary & raise the temp slightly for 48 hours...