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Hey guys. just bought a container of white king oxy lift cause it was on special and half the price of napisan. it is 34.6%w/w sodium perc whcih was high then the other cleaners at woolies

no where on the container does it indicate its scented, but when i open it its def got a lemon smell about it.

question is, will it be safe to soak brew stuff in and clean stuff with?

cheers guys
should be ok,just rinse the bejesus outta it after..as a final rinse before use i boil a jug of water and rinse with it.Ive been using this stuff for the last 6 months eco store soaker p.s keg king are selling 1 kilo of pure sodium percarbonate for $10 also..worth trying
Argh. I use the childrens napisan from time to time and feel dirty afterwards. Must move back to PBW the entire time. Can't see why it wouldn't do the job though.

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