Where did you find out about this board?

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Where did you find out about this board?

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Seeing that the board is only new, I would be interested to see where our visitors are hearing about the forum.

As the board is only a couple of days old, we aren't yet listed in any search engines (however I have submitted the link). We did get a bit a traffic from a front page posting on http://www.overclockers.com.au/ however I am curious to find out how other people stumbled across it?

I will be contacting some local brew shops to see if they want to advise the site in their mailing lists/customers.

No matter how you found the site, I want to thank you all for joining up and I hope we can all benifit from the forum! :D
Some clown spammed the HB thread at OCAU ;)

Great forums, fiscus, I think I'll be spending more than a little time here :)

Several weeks ago a new face arrived on the newsgroup, then all of a sudden he advertised this forum. Great work fiscus.
hahahah well I'm sorry about my spamming, as long as the outcome is a good one :D

And I think this forum is B)
I saw a post on Oz CraftBrewing.

Looks like I should have entered newsgroups as an options.....oooppss! :unsure:
I wandered across in the OCAU forum by pure accident.

I saw a newsflash on the main page and thought this sounds interesting and took a look, and here I am :)
Site was posted on craftbrewing on site by Rg (I think)
All the Best Barry.
I saw it on alt.homebrewing, seems a bit more focused for us in Oz than the newsgroups?

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