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causer of chaos and mayhem
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hey all i need some help. having some problems with the sealer i bought a couple of years ago. ive located the problem but cant fix without some help.
my sealer has started to play up.
ive pulled it apart and located the problem but need some help identifying the parts required to fix it.
what i need is a pic of the circuit board in the unit so i can but the right value resistors to fix it. can any one post a pic of tis board
Do you mean you need a circuit diagram, showing the schematic of component connections? If so, I would almost bet money that you will never find this.

If you are absolutely sure that it is a resistor causing the problem (ie, it is corroded, broken, blown) - then you could attempt to identify the resistor by the band markings if possible. However if a resistor has blown, something else is certainly wrong with it and it's probably going to be a never-ending diagnostic/fix scenario.

But I wonder why you think it might be a resistor that is causing the problems, save obvious visual confirmation.

It might be a good idea for you to post a high-res picture of your unit indicating where you think the problem is, the electronics guru's on here may be able to assist.
guys im trained as an electronics tech with the navy. i can see where the problem is as its the two resistors that have burnt out. hence why im asking for a pic so i can identify the colours. the whole resistor is black on mine and sparks when turned on. its a fairly safe bet.
Hi Barls,

What brand were the bulk buy sealers? I have a DZ-300A that I can take a pic of the circuit board, but not sure if that helps.
thats it mate.
if you wouldnt will help greatly
Here you go barls. It's a bit hard to get in there with all the wires in the way, but hopefully this should help some. Let me know if you want a closeup of a particular section as I still have the back off the machine. Or PM me your email addy and I can send a higher res image if you need it?



I can't get mine open, don't want to force it too much and accidentally break something. :|
Cheers mate. I see them now. Off to jacar tomorrow to get replacements.

Felten cheers for trying.
Hi Barls

I bought one of those in that BB. It is currently sitting in the recycling bin, but I can get it out if you want it.
Motor still runs, just doesnt suck (which really does suck). I think it inhaled to much hop dust. I cant be bothered trying to fix it.
I replaced it yesterday with a far superior (IMHO) Aldi one yesterday. Very different design and sucks like a catholic school girl.

Let me know if you want it.

cheers mate lets see how i go tomorrow.
on a side note. how does the aldi one go with foil bags.
Speaking of which, do you guys know if there are any places I can get black bags from?

For completely non-breakable items to post, i was actually thinking it'd be more efficient and cheaper to simply heat seal (without vacuum) a black opaque bag (for privacy) and stick a mailing label on it. Maybe with a small amount of padding or some recycled cardboard in there. I have only been able to find the clear textured stuff.
hmmmmmmm, will think about it. thanks for the link.

Was hoping for something on a roll, i've seen people do this before, people have sent me orders that were packed in black plastic bags that resembled auspost postage satchels, only they were completely unmarked.
so close mate,
i can see everything except the ones im after. here are the ones iafter
No worries barls. I'm at work now, so I'll take a piccie when I get home tonight. I'm pretty crap at electronics, so just to confirm... is it the 2 resistors hidden by the wiring at the bottom of my first photo?
Yeah it is mate. Cheers for that
Hopefully this is what u want.


mmmm black black brown gold ?

Thanks Redbeard. Was just about to get my sealer out and take that picture!

Barls, if you need any more photos, shoot me a PM.

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