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Melbourne - still.
Hi there local, fellow brewers! (FBs)

as i have just finished up my last brew for the year - i've had a little brain wave and wondered why i can't keep brewing...
no reason i can find.

at home i run a little 100L direct gas fire system.
~80L in the FV once it's all said and done maybe a little less.

i'm all done for 2017.
are you?

i have a very magnanimous offer for AHB'ers local-ish to me, or maybe a couple if it works out.
it's basically a fucked up case swap idea, however...

if YOU have a homebrew supply problem
if NO-ONE else will buy you beer
and IF you're not complete retard...
@homebrewnewb will bring his rig to your place for minimum fee*

WHO the **** are you homebrewnewb?
i work in preston live in eltham and am regularly around the whittlesea area.

WHAT the ****.. i guess?
i suck at cricket and need something to do on the weekends to **** with CUB profits.

WHEN is this kicking off?
i dunno where are you, i will try and start next available weekend i guess.

WHY? see what i guess, but i am pretty keen to meet other brewers and generally make more of my time around Melbourne picking up new techniques and generally not sucking.

WHERE? your place! unless you need to roll round to mine or another brewer's place who is happy to host. happy to discuss.

HOW would it work?
Well what i was thinking was, i have a very modular break down build up system.
I will bring everything i can - if i need to in two loads but may be a trailer and try and start at 10-11am by the latest on a non-working day. like a weekend.

YOU: provide x2 cost of lpg bottles, or one if you wanna hang out more i guess... two's better. i can bring them if you will cover the cost at the local servo.
YOU: supply cleaning gear and labour to help me clean the stainless and copper. ill bring some brushes too.
YOU: tell me what to brew i guess - unless you want to DIY which i am open to, i am happy to advise.**
YOU: supply the consumables: grain, hops, water, gas, food and a good/safe spot to brew .... thats it, i'll bring the rest: pumps paddles kettles burners stands hoses meters digital and analog, gas bottles if needed plate chiller. and what ever else i think will help.
YOU: will have a recipe and method.
YOU: will have a FV for the wort.
YOU: will let me connect to your wireless and let me play shitty music through my BT speaker, i hope.
YOU: will tell me if i'm wrong and decide on no-chill or chill.
YOU: supply cubes if you want no chill.
I: just bring the gear YOU keep the wort, that's it.
I: will try and supply anything you need if YOU cant.

NEXT? well i hope you either think it's worthy of a ago or not.

* jam some food in my piehole at lunch time and a pint (possibly x2) of your finest or near equivalent.
IS this a rental?
**Nah man i'm the pimp and this is my stainless i bring it round and i take it home.
Do whatever you want, just don't bang it up... you know, cause i'll know.
Seriously, though i will be happy for you to hang on to if needed but i cant foresee a situation like that.

-legal stuff, this is all good will. i'm a nice bloke that wants to expand knowledge and hopefully make you and i a better brewer.
please don't make me itemize shit and sign personal waiver, otherwise forget it.
i'm here to help not to make the world shittier.
i'll be a guest at your place, with a safe place to brew and clean up with you and access to your property around a time that we agree upon.
simple yeah?

if you're interested in filling your corny or FV in a weekend please PM me and we'll try and get everyone tided over the xmas parching...

go well FB's.
your local good mate.