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Although the exposed buses may invite more RF/switching interference, hopefully the caps send this to ground.

One good thing is that the pull up resistor goes straight across to the 5V bus and the chosen DI pin, then every temp probe data line can come off the (correct) side of the resistor.

The photo shows that things are getting messier but after a wiring tidy up it should look better. The pull up resistor is out of the way though.


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This is the over view screen. The flame-icon indicates the heater is currently on.
Things like delayed start, control-box overheating alarm, step-mash running are also showed here.
View attachment 93148

This is where i can set the HLT temperature, and a delayed start-time. Typically I set my HLT to start heating at 4:30am, so when I'm up at 5ish, she's right to go.
In the circuit is a battery-backed real-time clock, so the controller always knows what time it is.
View attachment 93149

The Mash screen allows the temperature to be set simply. If set to zero, the mash is considered to be off.
A 4-step mash programme can also be set. The fields are XX minutes at YY degrees, the user fills out as may fields as wanted, then click "Run".
View attachment 93150

The calibration allows small adjustments to the HLT and Mash sensor readings, and to set the time on the clock (theoretically only needing to be done once, and on battery changes).
View attachment 93151

Finally, a shot of the very amateur wiring layout.
View attachment 93147

Is anyone wants the code, please feel to PM me. Don't think I can add a .zip of it here.

hi !

congrats to you, you did a very nice job. I,m very interrested in the arduino code of your project, do you mind sharing it ?
thank you very much and have a good brew

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