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You may have seen my username lurking about on here for the last couple of months so I thought I would introduce myself. A couple of years ago after doing a job for a bloke I was invited in for a homebrew. To my amazement he took me into his bar room and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen was staring back at me, it was a beer tap coming out of his fridge door! I will never forget the thud the tap made when he flicked it open and golden goodness poured out. It was a very stock standard Coopers kit but shit it was good and it inspired me. Fast forward a year or two and I have slowly built up enough equipment to make a start on my own kegging journey. With a little help from a mate and from reading this forum I had my brew ready to go. The only problem was I overcarbed the hell out of it! (50L kegs btw) I was tempted to start a thread asking for help but I didn't want my first post to be like that. After few nights of searching old threads I had found all the information I needed to try and bring things right. After a few days and a bit of trial and error, last night I poured a beer that had a good head, plenty of bubbles and sip rings all the way down the glass. What an achievement! One day I want to get into the AG scene but for the time being I'm keeping it simple whilst trying to perfect the whole kegging/carbonating/temp control thing. This site and the guys that contribute have a wealth of knowledge to share that I'm absorbing like a sponge so please keep posting because for a new brewer, information like this is bloody is priceless.



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