Three Tiered Gravity Flow Setup

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I've got a mate (welder) who has offered to make me a three tiered gravity flow system. :)

I like the look of the setup on St Pats

Has any one got any good ideas I can incorporate into the design, or better yet picks of a cool 3 tier designs?

Is there any little tricks or tips I should know about before we bring out the oxy?
heres my favourite website for plagiarizing other peoples ideas...
if you cant find one here you like the look of you can alway mix and match the best bits of a couple.....

I'd love to know of any more websites similar to this one if anyone knows of them....

Asher for now

Goto brewtree

This should give you some inspirition...
That's great Doc thanks a million.

Been a slow day in the office today and these sites have helped me look busy at my PC.
as long as you feel comfortable with very hot water above your head go for it wax.
mine is slightly different but still gravity with the hlt above my head.
this will do me for now until i get a pump then im going to level the whole set up so that its at a good safe working height.

big d

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