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Incomplete 3V bewery for sale

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Hi all,
some time ago I started collecting bits for a 3V brewery to upgrade from BIAB.
Not long after I started I pretty much gave up brewing. The 3V system is never going to happen and
its taking up space so its time it went to a home that can use it.

I have a welded steel brew stand on castors. On the left is a gas fired kettle, center is a mash tun and lifted up
on the right is a gas fired HLT. The two burners have heat shield to suit keggles, igniters and electric gas valves.
Its all been plumbed with copper to a high pressure regulator. NOTE: I didn't build this and I've never tested any
of it. The gas valves are not wired up.

There are three 50 liter keggles. Two have the tops cut out and basic ball valves fitted. The last has not been cut.
One is taller and skinnier than the others.

Other features of the stand are a water filter (no cartridge) and a partly wired control box with some buttons, lights etc.
also a PID with instruction manual. There is a 26cm false bottom (one hole has been drilled out to be slightly larger than
the others, no idea why). Also included is a second control box with some sort of temp controller and other bits fitted, a new
Minco PID, two new Fiji PIDs with manual and a hand full of switches, grommets, a couple of solid state relays, a couple of flow
meters and a couple of heater pads. Its all unconnected stuff I've picked up with no real vision in mind.

I don't know what its worth, but its probably a good start to make a decent 3V setup.
Asking $200 for it. located in Croydon Vic.


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