The Video That Has Caused All The Ruckus

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Can't see what all the fuss is about. I thought Life of Brian was a hoot, is a bit lame IMHO
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They'd better translate some of the Indian movies based on the riots in India. This world needs a world war 3 soonish.... Bursting with people everywhere!

As an ideology and religion they have to be the least encouraging amongst other to allow their followers to be exposed to alternate history or open thinking. Ticking time bombs...
Can't see what all the fuss is about. I thought Life of Brian was a hoot, is a bit lame IMHO

After I watched it I went looking to see if I watched the right thing! lame? yessssssssssssss

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On Python, I think it was Eric Idle who said at the time of the outrage the Life of Brian caused the three most popular monotheistic cults.

'Well, at least we brought them all together'. That's funny stuff.

But lets call a spade a spade shall we (I). It obviously doesn't take a production with the wry wit and comedic genius of Python to evoke a hysterical knee jerk reaction from these morons. Just about any minor affront will see the same hastily fashioned placards bearing the same hateful and vile rhetoric wheeled out anywhere in the world.

And of course, on cue, that witless, humorless fanatical misogynist Sheikh Feiz Mohamed shows up at bookstore in Sydney's west to bark at the amassed credulous in order to 'discuss our responsibilities regarding this matter', presumably the mocking and piss taking of the 'prophet'. How do you suspect that will end?
This is a man, among many, who promotes sharia as the panacea of humanity. Grubby, subversive little neo fascists the lot of em. Trouble is, he's a spokesperson for the fastest growing religion in the world today.

When some cheesy, low rent video can inspire this kind of violent uproar worldwide, come on, how much longer do we put up with this rot.

Its not the video that's the problem.
Is it fair to compare their attitudes to the church's witch burning in medieval times?

For all intents, the way I see it, it ended in disillusionment leading to reformation eventually leading to a largely secular society today that equates priests with child molesters in popular media. It's a big leap for an orthodox religion over some 1000s years?
Is it fair to compare their attitudes to the church's witch burning in medieval times?

Not really, but seeing the koran is basically a cobbled together, plagiarised combination of the Jewish Talmud, Torah and Christian old testament, whilst borrowing many of the supernatural elements of both to spice it up, it's inevitable that behavioural and cultural similarities abound, as do prohibitions and injunctions relating to idolatry, diet and thought policing.
Its actually such a ham fisted rip off rip off its almost laughable.
was,nt this released on you tube some six months ago? if so they are a bit slow on the uptake
.was mentioned onthe radio,dunno if true.bunch of hot headed......cheers.........spog.......
What ever happened to the days when it was videos like this that made headlines.
That was a win for everyone..

oh look, send all these pricks back to Persia or Constantinople or wherever the **** they came from.
ask any Persian about the 1979 revolution and they will plead with you not to send any more over there
I saw a clip of Billy Conolly absolutely going off over suicide bombers, I'm surprised he doesn't have a fatwa on him.

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