The Porter Is Done. What A Laugh!

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Well boy's as a follow up from what u guy's said on my last thread "a big big porter", I just finished it, and noted the following.
- When steeping the grain (650g) i did not think that it would turn into a tonne of sludge, so while it was steeping i new i needed a bigger pot to do the boil in. So i started next door and worked my way up the street till i found a very large stock pot. Then the next thing was to pour the grain thru a little kitchen sieve, which fills up very fast, into the newly found stock pot. so when the seive it got full i got the boiled jug and sparged (rinsed) till the water was pretty clear then dumped that lot and loaded up the sieve again. It took about 4 loades to sparge it all, then for the boil. I guess i had about 6 litres by this time for the boil. So off it goes, good time to rehydrate my Safale yeast. Come back into the kitchen and BOIL OVER. Back under control, boil 15mins, add Willamette hops and extra dex & malt. boil for another 15.
1.5kgs Amber malt + kit (1.7kgs) Into fermenter, then strained the boil in. top up to 22 litres. OG 1063.
Can't wait till this bad boy is ready. There is something special about doing your first big beer + your first boil.
Will keep u all posted on its progress. :D :D :D
So i started next door and worked my way up the street till i found a very large stock pot.

I just bought a 15L stainless steel Stock Pot from K-Mart for $17 on special.
Cheapest bit of HB gear i've bought yet. They had 22L ones, but the jump to $50 made it a bit steep.

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