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Equipment For Sale 70L Stainless Steel Brew Kettle & LPG Burner - Enmore / Sydney Inner West

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Sydney, Inner West
Following-up from my previous post to sell my entire homebrew kit.
All that is left to find a new home for is my trusty brew kettle, LPG burner and related accessories.

70L Förje commercial grade stainless steel stock pot converted into the perfect brew kettle.
Italian made spiral LPG burner fitted with a medium-high pressure regulator. Powerful enough for big double batch brews on cold days. I also include the original low pressure regulator, which is sufficient for regular single batches etc, though I never bothered using it instead of the adjustable regulator.
Burner and regulator neatly pack in the original black canvas carry bag not in the pictures.

The kettle has been fitted with a ball valve and camlock disconnect for easy wort transfer.

Inside, the valve connects to a 1/2" stainless steel pickup tube. Make sure to create a clockwise whirlpool vortex away from the pickup to form a decent trub cone. You'll be able to drain the kettle with virtually no loss of minimal trub in your wort.

Kettle comes with a silicone hose fitted with matching camlock disconnect to match the ball valve, long heavy duty protective gloves, a food grade hose with brass disconnect suitable for filling the kettle off a hot water tap, custom made foam insulation sleeve (plus a sleeping bag) I used to keep the mash temperature stable. All equipment neatly stows away inside the kettle between brews.

Bag used for Brew-in-a-Bag that perfectly fits this kettle. You won't find a better bag than this and sadly I don't think this one is made any longer at all. Super strong double stitching and loops all around for hoisting it out of the kettle.

Also throwing in a stainless steel hop sock for no-mess hop addition during boil

Heavy duty stainless steel mash paddle.
Stainless steel ruler for measuring the volume of water/wort in the kettle.
Laminated calibration chart for easy kettle fill level conversion between millimetres <> litres.

Asking price $200 - Pickup from Enmore in Sydney's Inner West

I kept records of all purchases and know that I paid $327.45 for the kettle, $165 + $60 for the burner + bigger regulator, $50 mash paddle, so well over $600 for the lot when it was new.


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