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  1. eloschgimpel

    Equipment For Sale 70L Stainless Steel Brew Kettle & LPG Burner - Enmore / Sydney Inner West

    Following-up from my previous post to sell my entire homebrew kit. All that is left to find a new home for is my trusty brew kettle, LPG burner and related accessories. 70L Förje commercial grade stainless steel stock pot converted into the perfect brew kettle. Italian made spiral LPG burner...
  2. eloschgimpel

    Equipment For Sale Complete "Turnkey" BIAB Setup - Enmore / Inner West Sydney

    Location: Enmore in Sydney's Inner West $1500 for the lot, but happy to take serious offers We're planning to move into an apartment in the not-too-distant future and have started the process of downsizing. Sadly, that spells the end to my homebrewing years, at least for now. I've built up...