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Equipment For Sale 3V brewing system - Brisbane

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Brewno Marz

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We are about to head off on our Big Lap and can't really brew in a caravan, so everything must go:
3x58L SS keggles - mash tun, HLT and kettle
Mash tun is insulated and has removable false bottom, 1/2" ball valve and medium probe dial thermometer fitted
HLT is insulated and has 4400W heating (2 x 2200W elements) with removable 14mx12mm SS exchanger coil
Kettle has 1/2" drain valve and 1/2"whirlpool valve plus short probe dial thermometer fitted
2 x temperature controllers, one for each heating element, so can run off 2x10A 230V outlets
Rack-It heavy duty (1,000kg) storage rack
2 x mag drive pumps (one portable with SS head and one fixed for recirc)
Stainless steel counterflow chiller
High output banjo gas burner with valve and 9kg LPG cylinder (will be supplied empty)
All fittings and hoses for HERMS mashing, kettle souring and chilling circuits
Spare 2200W element
Hop spider, mash paddle, graduated dip stick, 2 x keggle lids

$380 ONO
Pick up Red Hill 4059

Fermenters, fridges, corny kegs, mini kegs, keezer and more will be posted in the coming weeks once this gear has been moved off the back deck.


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