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4V Stainless all grain HERMS for sale

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Custom built HERMS. 100L kettle, 70L mash/lauter, 70L kettle/whirlpool. Yields about 55L cold wort in fermenter after all losses.

Dusty from being stored and not used but otherwise in very good condition.

All stock pots are Robinox Forje. All fitted with 1/2 BSP fittings that have been hygienically welded by Geordi stainless. Cost of equipment without welding is about $3k. Welded fittings cost and labour $1200. Would like to sell as a package. Looking for $2k. Pickup Macleod Melbourne.

I'm missing hoses and a heat exchanger and burner. I was using simple thermostats to control HERMS and HLT. I wired them myself and dont feel comfortable selling those.

100L Hot Liquor Tank
2400w electric element
sight guage
2x1/2" welded female sockets fitted with 3 piece stainless ball valve and female camlock


70L Mash/lauter Tun
2 x 1/2" welded female sockets.
1 x 1" welded female sockets. This was used to connect to water pump to provide ice water for heat exchanger during wort cooling.
1 x dial thermometer
1 x 1/2" 3 piece stainless ball valve and female camlock
1 x 1" 3 piece stainless ball valve and female camlock
1 x beerbelly sparge assembly
1 x beerbellyfalse bottom.



2 Options here
1. urn with stainless coil - camlocks on inlet/outlet of coil. Thermostat needed to control urn. Urn is 2000W so runs off standard 10amp power supply.
2. Small kettle with stainless steel coil. Compression fittings used attached threaded fittings.


70L Kettle/whirlpool
1 x 1/2" welded female sockets.
1 x 1/2" welded female sockets welded at tangent to act as whirlpool inlet. Works very well.
1 x beer belly hop strainer (cant find the filter - it will turn up). Sits on the outside edge which enable clear wort to be drawn out following whirlpool


1 x 809HS march pump with camlock fittings
1 x March Nano brewery pump. Higher power than the above. Purchased to create the higher flow rates needed for an effective whirlpool
1 x water pump. Not sure on details. I bought it from bunnings. Used only to pump cold liquor through heat exchanger.


Crankandstein 3D mill link
Some surface rust on rollers.
Home built hopper - not sexy but works



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