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Victoria, Australia
Join us in the search for Australia's greatest homebrew!

You may have heard about our quest to find Ballarat's greatest homebrewer. A group of expert home brewers will be entering their liquid gold into the competition to be crowned Ballarat's greatest home brewer.

Awards will be presented on the main stage in front of thousands with the champion brewer winning a commercial brew at Fed Uni and have 2 of their kegs sold on tap at The Mallow Hotel!

Register before December 15 by filling out the offical entry form:

Shouldn't this be: Join us in the search to find Ballarat's greatest homebrew?
Shouldn't this be: Join us in the search to find Ballarat's greatest homebrew?
Yeh, the whole 'Drop off mid-week in an obscure place in Ballarat' really makes it quite impossible for anyone else to enter...
I'm looking forward to the beerfest though!
Not much point getting this email when i didn't get one upon submitting my beers two months ago. This also arrived the day of the dropoff date, not at least two weeks beforehand so i can organise my entries to arrive on time.


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join me in finding Brisbane's best home brew
drop them off at my place ASAP making sure they are cold
pay the $10 cash entry per beer entered, all categories considered and judged in some way

win and be named Brisvagas HB of the week, maybe beer of the year !!

enter again next week to have a better chance to be beer of the year !!
Keep entering all year

imagine your status and XP going up if you win !!