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  1. E

    New to this - Want to home brew plus get popular beers

    Hi all, I am brand new to the game. I want to test out home brewing and also be able to connect kegs from known beers for parties and just to have on tap. I have seen models out there that seem to do one or the other: Homebrew package for keg beer brand package I like these guys, they seem...
  2. N

    [Gold Coast] For Sale: 4v electric HERMS and everything else!

    Hi Guys, First, reason for sale: I'm selling everything in my house with the view to be on the road travelling Australia by July 2021. This was meant to be a setup for life, but life changes :) Attached is a list of what's for sale, there might be other little bits and pieces but you'll have...
  3. chrisluki

    For Sale Brewie B20: Fully Automated Brewing System

    Selling my B20, as my wife tells me that I don't need two Brewies!! Below is a picture of what is included in the box, mine is not brand new, has done maybe 20 brews, but is in excellent condition. I have the original box to ship it to anywhere in Australia (buyers cost), it is approx 40kg and...
  4. Nosh Narrabri

    Homebrew Competition - Australian Regional Homebrew Champs

    Hi Guys! Just sharing some info about the Australian Regional Homebrew Championships which will be held in Narrabri, NSW at the end of August this year. The Australian Regional Homebrew Championships will discover and celebrate pre-eminent regional homebrewers. Nosh Narrabri creates the...
  5. M

    Some advice needed for a newbie

    Hi all, Threw my 4th or 5th brew on a couple of weeks ago, was planning to bottle it a few days ago, around the 10 day mark, but the SG is still pretty high in comparison to the other brews I have done. This one is 13 days now in the fermenter, and stuck on 1014-1015 (from OG 1056). Is that...
  6. C

    Selling Homebrew Legally

    Hey guys, first post and am a new member! I currently make my own homebrew beer, I have let a few friends taste my beer as well as a few bar owners who have really liked it and are wanting to be able to buy and/or sell my beer, so I was wondering what I would need to do to be able to do that...
  7. UnannouncedMole

    Burnt vegetables and rubber flavour?

    Hey, Brewing an English style Ale. I'm only at day two of fermentation and was adding some dry hops. I decided to have a sneaky taste (used a pipette). The flavours I got were as described above, burnt vegetable and rubber taste. Is this normal during fermentation, and will go away with time...
  8. S

    Brew In a Bag Demonstration

    Cannon Hill Brewing is putting on a BIAB Demo this Saturday (5th of May) from 12pm. It's only $5 with a capacity of only 30 people, so if you're in the Brisbane area and interested you should get in quick. Tickets on Eventbrite...
  9. Yann

    My home-made rig for sale

    Located in Sydney. It's with regrets that I'll have to let go my rig. It has been rebuilt three times and have had no chances to rebuild it again since my second son is born a few months ago. I need some room in the garage for now so I might has well sell now and reinvest in a few years...
  10. B

    Keg King Kegerator with 5 kegs and more

    COMPLETE BEER DISPENSING SETUP!! Sadly I have depart from my beer fridge guess to new house and circumstances. It's an older keg king model but I've always kept it neat and it runs great with some great modifications. ( Electrician by trade) INFO Beer fridge which hold 3 kegs up for sale. It...
  11. J

    Hello - John from tasmania

    Hey everyone, I'm only new to this as I got a mangrove jacks apple cider kit for Christmas. I'm 18yo and I think home brewing it going to be my new hobby I'm keen on trying pale ale next and eventually working my way up and up until I learn how to make spirits e.g. gins or rum maybe
  12. Ballaratbeerfestival

    The Great Homebrew Summer Slam | Ballarat

    Join us in the search for Australia's greatest homebrew! You may have heard about our quest to find Ballarat's greatest homebrewer. A group of expert home brewers will be entering their liquid gold into the competition to be crowned Ballarat's greatest home brewer. Awards will be presented on...
  13. Dr_Rocks

    Bendigo's 8th Annual Home Brew Competition

    For all who are in the area, either locals or visiting.......Bendigo's Annual Home Brew Competition is back again. The 2017 Home Brew competition will be held at the Goldmines Hotel, Bendigo on Sunday 19th of November from 12pm - 6pm. Tickets (including free samples) can be purchased online...
  14. Andyd

    Love Great Food and Homebrew? The ANHC Pairing Dinner is back!

    G'day all, ANHC is back with a modern-Vietnamese menu, expertly paired to traditional European beer styles with 21st century spin. Our 2017 pairing dinner will feature a lavish four course meal, curated by the talented Dai Duong of Uncle Restaurants working with select award-winning...
  15. stevonz

    FS BNE Southside - Kegerator $250

    I have upgraded to a new kegerator so this keg fridge is up for grabs. Fisher & Paykel fridge/ freezer which I have had since new. Easily fits 4 x corny kegs or 2 x fermenters and a corny. Includes: - 2 x taps... 1 x swing type and the other is a Celli with flow control. - John Guest beer...