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G'day all,

ANHC is back with a modern-Vietnamese menu, expertly paired to traditional European beer styles with 21st century spin. Our 2017 pairing dinner will feature a lavish four course meal, curated by the talented Dai Duong of Uncle Restaurants working with select award-winning, nationally recognised brewers and their best beers on show.

When: Saturday Octover 21st, 2017
Where: William Angliss Institute, Melbourne
Tickets: On sale now at the ANHC website

To top it off one of Australia's most accomplished and recognised television personalities, Paul Mercurio will return to ANHC to host the event.

Ahead of the conference in 2018, this Melbourne event helps us raise the funds to get Australia's biggest celebration of Homebrewing up and running again. And we'll be announcing two of our headline guests for the 2018 conference!

You all know the gig - great food, designed by one of Australia's best culinary talents, and great beer, brewed by... who?

Grant Morley: Champion Brewer Vicbrew 2015 and AABC Gold Medal Winner
Ruth Barry: Winner of System Wars at Good Beer Week, 2017
Kris Domagala: Champion Brewer Vicbrew 2016
Mikko Pludra: Champion Beer of Show Vicbrew & AABC, 2016

With that as a line-up, what could go wrong? Well, we could run out of tickets and you miss out, that's what!

So head over to the ANHC website and help support next year's Australian National Homebrewing Conference.


Hi brewers, the ANHC dinner is only 2 weeks away so you'd better get in quick if you want to come. We went to 'Uncle' the other night and I can tell you the food is nothing short of amazing. I will be brewing the Dubbel for the pairing dinner. Here are some details of the food and home-brews. We will also be serving three commercial beers, so that will be seven beers and a four course feast of modern Vietnamese. Yum!

· Crisp German Pilsner with classic hop backbone and modern flavour of Hallertau Blanc and Callista (Mikko Pludra)
· Hapuka betel lea
· Rare beef, and pineapple rice paper with nouc chum
· Kettle-soured Berliner Weisse with coriander and juniper, dry hopped with Mosaic (Ruth Barry)
· Soft shell crab bao with spicy green mango salad
· Belgian Dubbel with big complex bouquet and refreshing finish (Grant Morley)
· Sher waygu brisket, herb and nori butter with Belgian Dubbel salt.
· Pomegranate, cucumber and pomelo salad
· Cconut rice
· Luscious Chocolate Porter (Kris Domagala)
· Set Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk ice cream and coconut foam
ANHC Homebrew Pairing Dinner, 2017

Date: OCTOBER 21 2017. 6PM. William Angliss MELBOURNE.

Ticket Sales Close TODAY

Ticket sales will close this Sunday the 15th at midnight due to catering requirements. Don't wait another moment to buy tickets! Join us in the fun.

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Final call here on ticket sales due to catering requirement. We need to know how many wagyubriskets to purchase, wink wink. Well, that and every other ingredient for Dai's beautiful menu.
The dinner menu was published last week, but in case you've missed it, it lives again:

• Hapuka betel leaf
• Rare beef, and pineapple rice paper with nouc chum
Paired with crisp German Pilsner featuring a classic hop backbone, but with modern flavour and aromatics

• Soft shell crab bao with spicy green mango salad
Paired to the System Wars winning recipe tweaked closer to a Berliner with spices, coriander and juniper. The beer is dry-hopped with Mosaic which also brings a lot of citrus and tangerine character

• Sher wagyu brisket, herb and nori butter with Belgian Dubbel salt
Served w
• pomegranate, cucumber and pomelo salad
• coconut rice
Paired with a Belgian Dubbel, dark amber in colour with complex malt, raisin and dried cherry esters, pepper spice, supported by a gentle alcohol warmth. A lighter body provides a dry and refreshing finish

• Set Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk ice cream and coconut foam
Paired to, "Old Gold" Chocolate Porter with strong cocoa aroma, rich and luscious chocolate roast flavour with a bittersweet finish and hint of Jappa citrus from late US Cascade hops

Plenty of commercial beer on arrival and throughout the event too, from Dainton Family Brewery, Hop Nation and Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.

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