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Ivan Other One

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Folks, I have done a search for some parts for these things with no luck.

I am after the lock pin, spring, and the round nut for one of these so I can get the old one working.

The one at the back has been in use for years here and is where i removed the sample parts (bottom of pic) from, and the capper in front came from the tip shop, cheeep.

So, does anybody know where to get these parts????

Thanks in advance, Ivan

Could you use a rubber bung that fits a demijohn ?
The spring you should be able to get from any decent fastner shop or blackwoods
the bent pin with thread youd need to make up your self from a bolt or thread your own, looks like 12mm steel but machined down to suit 8 or 10mm thread. Use a nyloc nut and mud washer

if you cant machine down bar then get a bolt that that has the same shoulder length and then trim the excess thread off if needed and then weld a handle on the end of the head
If none of the above is within your scope then im lost on where you get the parts from sorry

Aren't the whole things like $30 or something from Big W?
Is it made in Italy maybe try to contact manufacturer.
Thanks for the replies chaps.
Was lookin for the easy option, must be gettin slack in my old age.
Troopa, that was my thoughts too, about making up one of my own Not intrested in spending more cash on it but a couple of bucks max on a bolt with enough shaft length will do the job, if i talk nice to on of my brewery drop-ins might be able to take it into his work n use the oxy to do the heating n bending n flatten the end on it. Will be some precise work but have done things like this in the past.

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