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I have been using a single length of SS braid in my 55 L esky MLT, however I have been missing my expected OG by a fair degree. I've been through my method, it seems not to be the problem. Knocked up the a new braid manifold that has heaps more area than the last...will be intresting to see if it makes a difference.....

Apologies, had to resize photos.



Should work good, I wouldnt have worried about the crossovers tho. I have a similar setup in a 55l esky, its a 1000m easy hooker just looped around to a tee fitting on the bulkhead. I get 75% or better all the time
Hi guys.
I'm currently attempting to install the S/S Braid option in my esky.
Went looking in Bunning (Nunawading) last night.
In the easy hooker section they had 900m and 1200m lengths.
Unfortunately the mesh also seems to contain yellow plastic braids.
I haven't seen those on anyone elses pictures.
Do you think it will be a problem with heat?

Aren't the ones with the yellow in the braid meant for gas instead of hot water? Can anybody confirm this? I'm sure I read that somewhere.
I've only done 2 brews with my plastic impregnated braid (I had the same thought). I have been mashing out at around 75 as a max temp and so far so good and I don't think it's leeching any synthetic Oestrogens into the mash <_< :D :) :blink:
That's what I use in my 36ltr esky. I got it from bunnings in bayswater and never had a problem with it.

:excl: Dont forget to stip the black tubing out of it..
and be carefull its easy to strech out of shape. :blink:

thanks guys.
the yellow braid ones are for gas. but the braid should be the same.
will take another look in the shower section, but if no joy, will pick up the yellow braided version.
When I was last in Bunnings the gas and water ones were right next to each other in the same section.
At nunawading i think they are too.
But the maximum length I could find of the non-yellow braid version was 750mm.

What length did you guys purchase?
I guess that depends on whether you had a straight line design or a circular one(perhaps with crossovers).
i use a braiding circular design in my 40L igloo tun.
i wouldnt think it is anything over 750mm in length.
remember it has to be a few inches from the wall of your tun.
'How To Brew' has a good read on the reasoning.
thanks Kong

Another thought that occurred to me.
When you stir the mash, is there a problem with the braid moving around?
Gday mates,

Id say, as long as you do batch sparging, the shape of the SS braid dosnt matter.

Only if you do fly sparging, the shape will be important, just to avoid channeling.

BK, i've done about 10 brews on this braided system, the mash paddle gives it a few knicks and bruises... but it handles it fine, i sometimes give it a little massage (seriously) when cleaning to get it back in shape and be sure that any grain isnt caught up.
you'll be fine. It's easily replacable if you do damage it though.
Bought a gas easy hooker with yellow plastic braid.
Decided to cut the yellow braid out with a pair of scissors.
A delicate job, took about an hour.
Doesn't leave any big gaps that grain would be able to fit through.

Unfortunately I'm not well endowed with handyman tools (or skills for that matter).
Hoping to borrow some tin snips off a mate to cut the ends off.
2 questions about the Braid, does it mater what size braid you get , i think there is 2 dimensions ?

Does the weight of the grain crush the braid?

2 questions about the Braid, does it mater what size braid you get , i think there is 2 dimensions ?

Does the weight of the grain crush the braid?


No and No.

Obviously the longer the braid the more surface area to drain from, I joined 2 pieces together with some copper pipe , and mine hasn't crushed yet after several brews. Even if it does you can reshape it if required.


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