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HELP!! :eek:

I'm almost ready to get my brew into a keg for the first time & I think I've stuffed my regulator.

It has one of those (badly designed) Gas In connections where you just push the hose into it & it's supposed to lock into place. Mine was leaking like buggery when I tested the system for the first time, so I tried to pull the hose out & try & find the problem. When I pulled out the hose (with alot of effort & swearing) the black plastic piece that was on the regulator came out with it.

I'd like to replace the push-in style gas out connection with a barb & clamp, but I have no idea where to buy something like that?

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome! I live in Victoria.


Just for future reference you need to push the bit of black plastic flush up against the fitting before pulling the hose out (also if the hose isn't cut straight it may not seal properly.
What brand is the regulator? I would try calling whoever makes it first to see if they have a barb fitting available.
yeah, I pulled back on the plastic connector while trying to pull the hose out, no go.

Ended up getting the part I needed from Reece plumbing supplies