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if i set up a font with snaplocks (andale fatlocks)... can you simply remove the tap for cleaning any time you like.. ie is the snaplock non flow without a tap in it?

i'm getting really sick of my gummy dodgy taps after a day of no pouring... (yes i know about perlicks but thinking outside the square)..

if i've got snaplocks, and i know i'll be not pouring for a while, can i simply remove the tap and rinse it in starsan to avoid the gumming up?

short answer - yes.

Depending on your definition of a while, the beer sitting in the beer line might go a little off.

What taps do you have, floryte or brumby? floryte are forward sealing so they shouldn't stick to much (mine don't anyway).
Atm I've got brumbys. On cheap font. Goingto set up andale font. But unsure whioch taps yet.