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hi im keen to make a american smoked ipa. wondering if anyone has done this before and have any usefull tips. after having the autumn sierra nevada released brown ale i have been inspired to make a smoked ipa. cheers
It sounds gross to me, but if it were to work, then I'd stick with something like northern brewer, nugget and Chinook rather than floral or tropical hops.
I brewed Screwy's HHR clone the other day; which has just enough smoked malt to notice it, but not overpowering the hops, and it's bloody delicious.

In fact im drinking one right now. B)

I like the combo of ~5% smoked malt in an American Ale with loads of Williamette.

Smoked malt in small quantities is like a flavour enhancer - especially for the earthy hops.
Would the smoke be more complimentary in a UK IPA?

Less likely to clash with the hop character?

sitting here drinking a 2yr old smoked dark strong. i say go for it. depending on the smoke malt used dont go more than 10% with wayermann rauch
and no more than .1% of peated malt unless you are brave
I've just finished a keg of smoked IPA and kind of happy to see the end of it. It was an experiment after having some smoked malt leftover from a Rauchbier (which is still lagering).

I found some days it tasted really interesting, but on other days it wasn't very appetising at all. I could taste bacon aromas on the good days, and dirty dishwater on the other days! Guess my tastebuds couldnt make up their mind.

Having said that, I think I used around 10% of it in the grain bill, perhaps I overdid it... I did try the Stoke smoky ale (not an IPA), when I was in NZ and that was pretty well balanced, so perhaps I should try again with less smoked malt (I used Castle brand).

The nice hops flavour I enjoy with my American IPAs did get a bit muddled with the addition of the smoke malt - something about pine flavour with heavy, smoky flavour didn't really work well for my tastes.
Mate give this a go. It's a far cry from an IPA but gets you to know your smoke!

Wolfman's Smoked Ale

Recipe Specs
Batch Size (L): 25.0
Total Grain (kg): 5.728
Total Hops (g): 50.00
Original Gravity (OG): 1.054 (P): 13.3
Final Gravity (FG): 1.014 (P): 3.6
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.31 %
Colour (SRM): 7.2 (EBC): 14.1
Bitterness (IBU): 27.3 (Average - No Chill Adjusted)
Brewhouse Efficiency (%): 75
Boil Time (Minutes): 60

Grain Bill
1.909 kg Munich I (33.33%)
1.909 kg Vienna (33.33%)
0.955 kg Pilsner (16.67%)
0.955 kg Smoked Malt (16.67%)

Hop Bill
30.0 g First Gold Pellet (7.9% Alpha) @ 60 Minutes (Boil) (1.2 g/L)
20.0 g Hersbrucker Pellet (4% Alpha) @ 8 Days (Dry Hop) (0.8 g/L)

Misc Bill
0.5 g Irish Moss @ 10 Minutes (Boil)

Single step Infusion at 52C for 60 Minutes.
Fermented at 18C with Wyeast 1056 - American Ale

Water adjusted to your water



Recipe Generated with BrewMate

All round great beer!
and no more than .1% of peated malt unless you are brave

0.1% ?

So in a 5kg grain bill you recommend under 5g?

Do you mean 1% (ie; 50g)
Still sounds very shy?

The reason I ask is I've got some Peated Malt set aside, possibly for a Wee Heavy, maybe a Porter, but I was thinking of being a bit bolder than 5g lol.

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