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Hi Brainstrust, i recently brewed an 80L batch of lager, and all was going well until the cold crash... I have had major annoyance fitting the rubber seal to the lid of my brewbuilt x2 and then getting the lid on without the seal falling out first... I thought I had managed for this batch but apparently not.

I pressure fermented around 5psi for most the batch then turned the spund upto 15psi as it was finishing.... it was at 15psi when I cold crashed with glycol, and checking it a few days later I noticed there was no pressure at all...

Obviously as the temp has dropped the both pressure in the fermenter has dropped from cooling and also CO2 dissolving into the beer.

I fill my kegs with sanitiser and purge them with the excess CO2 created during fermentation, so when I'm ready to keg I hook the gas line from keg to fermenter and let the pressure equalise then connect the liquid line and drop the pressure in the keg and it siphons in a closed loop. when I connected the gas lines, it immediately started hissing out the bad seal in the fermenter lid...

I have one of the 4 kegs in my kegerator on gas, been there for almost a week, and it tastes terrible.

Has anyone had success distilling a botched batch?
I have a reflux still which I have yet to use and figure this is a better use than dumping the whole batch.

Would love to hear any tips or experiences from anyone who has done this.
I've done it before with a batch you wouldn't give a Jap on Anzac day
Not a huge yield with the stripping run but when mixed with other batches of neutral and after the distillation run it was worth while
Thanks mate, I've got 80L of the stuff, so it should yield a few litres... will update with progress after the weekend. The plan is to do it through the reflux and make GNS, then put it through a pot still with some botanicals. first time dabbling in distilling. fingers crossed.
Yeah, give it a whirl.
Old mate did it with Corona and made a 'drinkable' product.
Dunno how bad your batch is, but thats a pretty low bar I'd say.

I was always of the belief that the hop oils in beer were a problem.

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