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Zen Arcade
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I've been re reading Noonan's Scotch Ale book and am interested in brewing 2 brews (a strong ale OG 1090and a twopenny OG 1040) using the double mash schedule that is outlined in the book for the 120 Shilling Scotch Ale
To get two 18.93L batches @ 68% efficiency he uses only 4kgs of Pale Malt, .68kgs Carapils and 45g of Roast Barley. To me this doesn't seem near enough malt :blink:

Has anyone tried a double mash or followed any of Noonan's recipe's?
Is there something I'm missing here??
Any advise appreciated.

The numbers don't add up on this at all....
Looks to be only half the grain that would be needed for that type of result.

Can't help much on the brewing side, but it does seem light on to me too.

Now, if you need some help disposing of the final products ....... :D

:chug: :chug: :chug: :chug:

awrabest, wee stu
TDA, haven't read the book but it looks to be way out. By my calcs you need to extract a total of about 2500 gravity pts from the grain.

1.090 * 19L = 1710 grav pts
1.040 * 19L = 760 grav pts

Total = 2470pts

Assuming the recipe meant only 5kg of grain (HWE = 317) then the max extract is 1585 assuming 100% eff! => impossible to brew!

Say it means two lots of 5kg (10kg in total) mashes then it requires you to have an efficiency of 78% to hit the target (this assumes no losses either!).

Of course I could have stuffed all this up :)
by double mash he means mash two lots of that grain bill, 8Kg of pale, etc

Jovial Monk
Thanks 4 all the replies, my home PC is out of action so consequently BeerSmith is out of action. I will double the grain bill, adjust to my efficiency minus say 5% and it will be done on my next available brewday.

And wee stu, you and Mr Miller are welcome to sample when it's ready to rock and roll.

You should be able to calculate a grain bill with pencil, paper & calculator :)


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