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Victory Amber

Ale - American Amber Ale
All Grain
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Brewer's Notes

Bairds light chocalte is Breiss Victory malt. Crystal is crystal 30, pale crystal.

Colour is 24.1 ebc in Brewmate, with an IBU of 31.4 much lighter than shown here.

0 hops are dry hopped after 5 days of fermentation for a further 5 days.

An easy drinking Amber Ale with a very red colour.

Malt & Fermentables

% KG Fermentable
9.857 kg JWM Export Pilsner
6.689 kg Bairds Light Chocolate Malt
1.056 kg TF Crystal


Time Grams Variety Form AA
130 g Cascade (Pellet, 5.5AA%, 0mins)
70 g Centennial (Pellet, 10.0AA%, 60mins)
70 g Centennial (Pellet, 10.0AA%, 10mins)


30 g DCL Yeast US-05 - American Ale
84L Batch Size

Brew Details

  • Original Gravity 1.05 (calc)
  • Final Gravity 1.013 (calc)
  • Bitterness 29.1 IBU
  • Efficiency 81%
  • Alcohol 4.81%
  • Colour 183 EBC


  • Primary 5 days
  • Secondary 7 days
  • Conditioning 4 days
Only my second contribution to the DB here. I am on my second large batch of this Amber ale. Much lighter than shown here as Victory wasn't an option,. The beer has a fantastic red hue.
I'll try to get a pic tommorow if i think of it.

Very easy drinking without a harsh roast profile. Big on Hop aroma, but a nice blend of malt and hops in the flavour. I have it on tap next to the Evil Twin atm and i slightly prefer this one as having more hop aroma and still being a smooth beer.

Thanks Punkin, looks nice. Yet to do Centennial/Cascade combo.
My favourite combo. Centennial is my favourite hop.
I just did a IPA with only Tomohawk.....I love the shit.

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