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Foxxy Cleopatra Amber Ale

Ale - American Amber Ale
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Brewer's Notes

Recipe for 10l + or full boil, if using less than 10l boil adjust hops accordingly.

Malt & Fermentables

% KG Fermentable
0.25 kg JWM Crystal 140
0.08 kg Weyermann Carafa Special III
2 kg Briess LME- Gold
1 kg Briess LME- Weizen
0.6 kg Briess DME- Amber


Time Grams Variety Form AA
20 g Williamette (Pellet, 5.5AA%, 10mins)
15 g Warrior (Pellet, 15.0AA%, 60mins)


11.5 g DCL Yeast US-05 - American Ale
25L Batch Size

Brew Details

  • Original Gravity 1.048 (calc)
  • Final Gravity 1.012 (calc)
  • Bitterness 27.5 IBU
  • Efficiency 85%
  • Alcohol 4.68%
  • Colour 31 EBC


  • Primary 5 days
  • Secondary 7 days
  • Conditioning 3 days
was all blank when I looked at it, must still be working on it
Yes, only just added it over the last hour. I put the recipe together using IanP's spreadsheet, and the abv comes out significantly higher at around 5.2%. Figured it must be an efficiency calculation issue, so changed it to 100% to see what happened. Still a fair way off, so not sure which is right, the spreadsheet or the recipedb. Thinking the former?

Not sure how it works it out, my formula is OG-FG divided by 7.46, then add .4ish for bottle conditioning. Given this db entry is 1049/1016, that should be 33/7.46 = 4.42% at the very least, so not sure where it gets 4.27% from.

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