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hi there just wanting to rack my brew this weekend- its a coopers Pale ale, been fermenting for 6 days. What do i need? another fermentor? food grade hose? any tip and tricks?
also- gonna bulk prime for the first time- should i move beer back to 1st fermenter from racking fermenter to prime or can i add sugar to racking fermenter? thanks! :super:
2 ways you can approach this Fugg.

1. Rack to 2ndry fermenter, let it sit for another 7 days to help the beer really finish its ferment, clean up after itself and clear, before racking onto your priming sugar and bottling

2. Rack directly onto your priming sugar and bottle straight away.

Either way, NO SPLASHING. I would use method 1 to improve the clarity and finishing of the beer but it is up to you.

Have a look at www.howtobrew.com for further hints.

Good luck,


I use a piece of clear, flexible PVC hose when racking to minimise splashing. I took my fermenter tap into Bunnings, found a hose with a tight fit and got a metre of it. It only costed about $2.00 and is a great way to prevent your beer from splashing.

Just connect the hose to the fermenter tap and let the brew flow through the hose into the secondary fermenter with as little splashing as possible.

Good luck with it!

ryanator said:
Just one more thing.

Here is the sheet I use when priming my beer. Saves me getting out the calculator when bottling different amounts and is good for bulk priming.

Hi Ryanator

Does that chart relate to Dextrose as well as sugar?

Guys I'd had mine in Primary for about 6 days it was all but finished bubbling, I moved it into secondary smoothly using the hose and put some(watzimajig) in it that pushes sedimaent to the bottom, now it still seems to bubbling and I moved it into secondary on friday night, it seems to have slowed, I would have thought that it would have stopped bubbling or is this the norm?

Its a coopers draught.
By rousing the yeast in transferring to the secondary, it can be quite normal for there to be further fermentation action.

Use your hydrometer and check gravity. If at estimated FG and stable for 2 days then OK for bottling.

Roach roughly how long should this take and also I've heard that secondary fermantation cuts down the time it needs to be in the bottle before consumtion.

Also I previously did a lager which was very fragrant however this draught has virtually no smell unless u get close to the airlock is this also normal?

don't forget, if there's a bit of a weather change or a temerature change, your airlock will bubble. don't mistake that for activity. check with a hydrometer if you can.
good luck!
Hogan said:
Does that chart relate to Dextrose as well as sugar?

Yes. The chart is for both sugar and dextrose. You might want to use a little less for a stout. Approximately 5 or 6 grams of dextrose per litre.


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