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I just wanted to take a quick pole on CCing... see if their is a general consensus.

Question is how long do you CC?

I can't bring myself to wait longer than 3 weeks in CC. Afterall it's already taken nearly 3 weeks to ferment the ******* and i am eager to bottle it, then let it stand for another 3 weeks.... and that's already 9 bloody weeks. I will be an old man well before i get through my wish list of things to brew.

Is it really worth CCing for that extra time? Can anyone put a percentage value on the improvement?? just so i know what i am missing out on?

In the case of lagers, does CCing contribute more than bottle conditioning?
Ales 2 weeks
Lagers 4 weeks
but not religiously
I do what Mr Easy does, subject to space, can only condition 3 brews at a time.

I did two lagers which were split with half cold conditioned and half bottled. To be honest when I tasted them together I could taste only minor difference in flavour between ccd and not. Although they had quite different carbonation levels, with one having been bottled much longer.

What I did see, was a huge difference in the clarity or brightness of the beer. Looked at on its own, I would have described the bottled version as not cloudy. But next to the ccd version, the bottled version suddenly started to look a bit murky.
minimum of two weeks CCing, except for small beers (which are basically CC'd in primary)

I have a 10% doppelbock in the fridge since mid Jan, that will be bottled June or July

I will remember to add some bottling yeast this time, I will remember to add some bottling yeast this time, I will remember to add some bottling yeast this time, I will remember to add some bottling yeast this time, . . .

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Ales 1 week in secondary, lagers 4 weeks in secondary, then keg and they usually sit for another 2 weeks in the fridge before I crack them. They are always crystal clear.
I really only use CCing to clear the beers. It slows the speed of bottle carbonation (esp in lagers) by a lot though. Now I have my kegs, I use the CC step even more to clear the beers. I figure they can condition in the kegs (albeit with a little sample every now and then).

CC time. 1 week for ales. Then permanently kept cold in the keg, so real time ??

CC lagers. Done very few. But 4 weeks.
after hearing this i will crack my cherry wheat ale tongiht then, and keg my bitter (light alc due to loosing wort :( )

normally i leave ales 2-4 weeks
lagers 4-8weeks
wheat 1 week

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