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Hi all,

I'm looking into buying some CPC (Colder Products Company) Thermoplastic Quick disconnects, to finish off my brewery.

They aren't the cheapeast items, but I've heard that they're a really good fit for the brewery. They are food grade rated to 138Degrees.

I've spoken to Russell at Victoria Fittings and Valves, and have gotten single unit pricing, however, he was very open to the idea of a bulk order. An order in the vicinity of 50 units would get quite good discounts. On some of their non-standard parts (the 3/4 garden hose thread) the discounts can be as high as 50%).

I don't have confirmed pricing on a bulk order, so I'm looking to see if there's any interest in doing another AHB Bulk Buy.

I've attached the catalogue outlining the product range. The pricing below relates to the brochure, but is only single unit pricing - the bulk order pricing would be cheaper than this. It does not include GST or freight. I got pricing on the GHT stuff because they didn't do a 1/2" femail fitting - in hindsight, I'd buy a male to female S/S adapter and use a male QD body as suggested by MAH.

If i get enough interest, I'll go back to VicFit with indicative numbers and confirm the pricing, then you can all decide if you want to go ahead with it.

Single Unit Pricing:

FFC10835 1/2"NPT Coupling Body Male Thread $ 23.15 each plus gst
FFC191235GHT 3/4"GHT (Garden Hose Thread) Coupling Body Female$ 40.50 "
FFC221235 Hose Barb Coupling Insert (3/4" ID tubing barb) $ 12.55 "
FFC24835 1/2"NPT Coupling Insert Male Thread $ 14.75 "
FFC261235GHT 3/4"GHT Coupling insert Male Thread $ 31.40 "

Check out the brochure, let me know if you're interested and I'll chase up further.


View attachment FFC35.pdf
I would be interested in some of this gear. Will have to spend a bit of time figuring what I would require and then get back to you.
I would think that the FFC10835BSPT (australian standard thread type ) would be more use than the FFC10835 ( with the US standard NPT thread).... and probably at a similar price!


If you get enough interest for a bulk buy, I'd be up for a couple of the 1/2" coupling inserts and 1/2" inline coupling body barb inserts.
Do they sell 1/2" coupling inline hose barb fittings ?

Dreamboat, I had the impression (from Dictionary.com) that BSPT was a tapered thread .. and I didn't think that this was suitable for what we're doing?? I'm far from an expert at these things tho, so please correct me if I'm wrong....

Doc, from what I've been able to find out they only do the inline barb for 3/4" ID Hose. I haven't asked that question specifcally of VicFit, so I'll ask for you.

BSP is British Standard Pipe
BSPT is British Standard Pipe Taper.

THe thread size from BSP to NPT is similar enough for them to get confused, and particularly with a plastic thread, you will wan then to be a perfect match or you will "cut" the wrong thread into the plastic fitting.
Gear sourced from the USA will generally have the NPT size fo fittings, while almost everything you can get here will be BSP or BSPT. Personally I am a big fan of tapered threads as they are much easier (particularly with big fittings) to get a proper seal, without having to strip and refit the joint several times. IF there is a leak, then turning the fitting a little more has the effect of sealing up higher into the taper as the fitting becomes tighter in its socket.

So you can use the tapered thread Coupling body with a straight thread Ball Joint Valve?

If so I'll put it to everyone to just say which type they would want and sort it out at the end.

I would be keen on a few bits. I'll have a look at the brochure and let you know.

It might also be worth checking if anyone wants the 1/4 inch connections which vicfit also sell. These are suitable for use withbeer line or CO2 lines. For example on a counter pressure bottle filler, sodastream regulator, and many other uses. I think from memory they were about ~$7-10 per fitting. You can get them with non return valves etc.

Just a thought.

Absolutely Boots, but you will not be able to screw it all the way to the base of the fitting - some threads will still be exposed.

It doesn't really seem like the numbers are going to get anywhere near enough for the bulk buy to work, so as I'm keen to start brewing again, I'm going to just order mine individually.