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BRIS - 3 tap keezer (malfunctioning)

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Hi All,

I would hate for this to go to waste, so I thought I'd chuck it up here for in case someone is handy enough to work out the issue.

I have a 205L whirlpool chest freezer, fully setup and ready to go as a keezer (lots of time spent on this - I love it). It is currently working, but far from optimally. It recently decided to stop cooling, and won't go below about 5.5 degrees, but will weirdly hold between 5.5 and 7 degrees. It also still has an ice build up in one corner above the compressor hump. Ideally I would try and get this fixed, but I've called a few repair places that can't really diagnose the issue without coming out, and I'm not willing to pay for the call out in case that is fruitless. There is a chance it just requires more refrigerant, and has a slow leak.

A link to my build is here: The Keezer Build

I am open to just selling the freezer and collar to someone who is handy, or if someone wants the lot, I can include:

- 3 x Perlick 650SS Flow Control taps (perfect condition)
- 3 x 100mm long shanks with all nuts and JG push-in fittings for beer line (1 JG fitting brand new)
- 4-way gas manifold with 4 gas lines and 4 gas ball lock disconnects attached (to suit length of this exact freezer)
- 3 x beer lines (3.8m) with 3 liquid ball lock disconnects attached

Open to discussing selling off single bits and pieces too - I would keep the perlicks but I'm probably going to go bigger and will downgrade my taps in order to get more.

Lastly, if anyone is a fridgey in Brisbane and is willing to just come and have a look for a couple of beers, that would be much appreciated!

Freezer and collar only - $50
Parts only - $250

I have purchased a new freezer and the old one will be taken away tomorrow unless someone wants it. Happy for someone to take it for free if they are willing to pick up in the morning. Still cooling to about 6 degrees and stopping there.

I will also list the taps separately if anyone is interested (can't change the title of this thread).

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