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g'day all. i am planing an electric brewery, but am looking for ideas/suggestions on how to setup quick disconnects on the temp probe so the mash tun can be easily taken outside for cleaning if required.
i have (i think) got the elements connections sussed,(K Mart kettles) with the IEC plugs.
am planing on a control box type setup where basically every thing plugs into the back of the box,the box can then be taken down off its mounts and stored out off the way when not in use.
any ideas/help would be great....cheers.......spog........
It will depend on the temp probe. If you are running a stc-1000 or K-Type I've just used speaker connections on the side of the plastic control box. It makes it easy to unplug/replug for cleaning.

If you are running a pt100 then auber has o probe that has a real neat clip on/ off connector.
I've crimped an RJ45 on the end of the cable from my Pid and on the end of the PT100 then use a female RJ45 coupler to join the two ends. Seems to work fine.
Hi spog
I have used speaker plugs on my temp controllers and at the moment I am converting my herms controller from standard digital controller to PID.
I am going to use some connectors that I got from Jcar on the PID PT100.
I can post the details later when I get to the home computer or if you want just pop around home later and I can show em to you.

thanks for the replies fellas,got some ideas going.
i found the electric brewery site and they use xlr3 pin plugs and sockets,found some on the jaycar site.

Dicko,i will catch up with you sometime,be good to checkout your setup.


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