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Hey guys - new member here so go easy haha

I’m planning a portable keg build
- 8-10L minikeg
- bronco or party tap
- mini CO2 regulator with sodastream adapter

I’ll eventually expand to other sizes as well to maximize capacity of the esky.

I’m a bottler but I’m keen on a portable keg. It’s main use will be for camping and 4x4 trips so I’m conscious of designing it to be contained to minimize damage, otherwise I’d have taps mounted on the esky. I’d like to have the regulator outside the box when in use.

Is it possible to have both liquid and gas connected from the keg to the inside wall
of the esky, then the tap and regulator connect/disconnect at the outside wall - so a shank/disconnect setup which spans the esky wall and is either then safely sealed for transport and no external fittings to damage?

I’m imagining a double ball lock post shank I suppose. But honestly, that sounds dirty to everyone except brewers.
No, you need a female threaded fitting to attach to the ball lock bulkheads I linked.

After some Googling it appears that maybe a 1/4" female BSP to 8mm push-in doesn't exist. You could use this: 1/4" BSP 316 STAINLESS STEEL SOCKETDefault Title

And this: duotight - 8mm(5/16) x 1/4 BSP Male (With Seated O-ring)

to achieve the same thing.
Of course! (SMH) Thanks again @squirt in the turns

I’ve just realised a further complication. The ball lock post from Kegland - and most other sites I can find - have 20mm threads. My esky has 45mm walls!!
Why not just drill a hole in the wall (or lid) of the esky and pass the hoses straight through or you could do what I do (check the photo)
2x2Lt growlers in the esky with a soda stream bottle and mini reg. A drafto top (keg king) on the growler. Works well
Hey all - thanks everyone for their assistance. For the benefit of future reference, I’m finished. I used a Waeco icebox that I already had, sodastream Mini Regulator from iKegger (with 6L adapter and m8 to barb adapter), two 8L kegs from Kegland, two 100mm shanks, 5/8 ball lock posts, bronco tap and ball lock disconnects.

Reasonably happy with the end product, although I’m yet to put a beer through the lines (current brew will be kegged on the weekend).

I’ve allowed 2m lines from disconnect to shanks for the beer lines however suspect this will be unnecessary. This set up also allows me to refrigerate the keg and connect the regulator directly plus the same with bronco tap or a flow controlled tap.


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