Priming You Keg Or Artificial Carbonation? Which Is Best?

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artifical, leaves no residue and easier to control
as for aging in keg
leave it for 2 weeks, it's usually comparable to 2 months in a bottle
I hate it when people put the whole conversation in the subject box of emails. It shits me.

Depends on the beer but some go ok being primed for natural carbonation, most are better using force carbonation. Same goes for aging , some are better young some are better at different ages. Also depends on whether its a kit or full mash. All of this is dependent on your own tastes as well.

I'm brewing a partial chezch pilsner, so do I artificially carbonize and then age it at room temp, my room sits about 22degrees? Or do i put enough co2 just to expel the air out of the keg and then let it age flat?
Personally, i'd put it in the keg (uncarbed), lager it for a month or so, then transfer to a second keg & force carb.

I'm not saying that's the best way, but it's the best way for me...

My second choice would be to put it in the keg, force carb it, then keep it in the fridge for at least a few weeks, prior to drinking it.
I decided the other day my next double batch I will do a keg of each. Firstly, it means I don't have two kegs of the same beer at the same time and secondly I'll be able to campare the difference.
I'm doing that all the time from now on. :p

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