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Just after reading the previous thread about high pressure regulators and mega gas burners I'm after some help if possible. Those of us who have to brew outside :angry: like me (if I want to boil full wort) - what is an average sort of time for tap water to get up to boiling using your systems? Just for experiments sake, what would it take on your systems to get, say, 30 litres from tap to boiling and what sort of gear are you using?

I'm thinking of trying to track down one of those high pressure regs you blokes were talking about in the earlier thread 'cause it is really SLOW on my primitive system at the moment in this cold weather. I'm just interested to know what some good times are and also some average 'realistic' times. I'm used to boiling up to 17 litres on my stove but now I've taken the leap to AG and full wort boiling I think I need to upgrade the gear I've bought already...

So what are your times/burners/regs fellas??

Thanks for any ideas,

Hi Shawn,

I heated 17 litres of sparge water, from about 4 degrees, straight out of my rainwater tank, to boiling, (I only meant to go to around 80c, but wasn't watching the temp too closely) :eek:

in about 6-7 minutes. :)

I am using one of the space shuttle burners and HP reg


Well fellas,
as a contrast between the different burners, I've got a 3 ring under a converted keg and with the HLT it takes one hour to heat 30 litres of cold water from the tap to 76 deg c. :( :angry:
Pain in the ar$$.
Got to get one of those turkey burners.

35 l from tap temp (20 degrees ish) to boiling in

1) Don't know, I gave up after 2.5 hrs when it was in the nineties but just couldnt get to a boil, using a three ring burner and a low pressure, ordinary flow (2 kg/hr) regulator and a wind shield

2) a bit over an hour, maybe an hour 15 mins, using a 4 ring burner, and a normal pressure but higher flow (10 kg/hr) regulator, with a wind shield.

3 ) about 20 mins using a big open fire stoked with bone dry jarrah from a house being demolished up the road

3) was fastest and cheapest, but I kept getting burnt trying to stir, and I dont think my rubber seals would have lasted many boils. So I am using 2), but I am enrolled in the NASA pre-flight training program and may be upgrading.
Thanks fellas,

I think I'm going to have to try and track down a 'space shuttle' burner and reg. Hopefully someone here in Newcastle will be able to help out. At least I know my times are in the ballpark - 30 litres at 8 degrees to 60 in 1 hour with a single ring 'turbo' burner and no windshield! Took another 30 minutes to get to 90 degrees before I gave up. This was my test run and I'm heading out to get a 3 or 4 ring burner (or 'ss' if I can find one!) and a new regulator tomorrow. Any advice on what type of reg to ask for? Also what are you blokes using for a windshield?

Thanks again,

I have a 4 ring burner with a hp reg. No windshield, using a keg boils in approx 25 minutes i think. I guess with a pot and windshield you could halves this.

Mine was $80 plus $30 for reg. Burner came with a cast iron stand.

How does this 'space shuttle' burner far with kegs. I would even think about one, but it depends on the size. My 4 ring is large and i want to boil in my shelving not on the floor. The 4 ring is too large.
Thanks Wedge. I'm using a keg as well so should be able to get it down to 25-30 mins. by the sounds of it. I'll try for a 4 ring I think if I can get one. Will also try for a hp reg.

Thanks again,

Those ones that Mark is selling look good. He said the gas reg of the barbie should do fine. From memory my barbie reg might be 2.8 kg/hr ?
Does that sound right? & is it high pressure?
My mongolians with 15 of the 21 jets blocked off with bolts still gets 40 litres of water from 18deg to 75deg in 20 mins.... any faster than that and it starts wasting gas & heat....
Haven't timed it to boil as my Digitally Temp Controlled solenoid turns the gas off at desired temp... hehe :)

Asher for now...
SJW said:
Those ones that Mark is selling look good. He said the gas reg of the barbie should do fine. From memory my barbie reg might be 2.8 kg/hr ?
Does that sound right? & is it high pressure?

Mine is the same as one of those, but it isn't really cutting the mustard. Going for an upgrade ;)

I put my ke...boiler on 4 bricks, on the wide side and then a paver on its edge over the 3 (cast iron)lines to the 3 ring burner. I also put a lid on my boiler and get mash temp water to boil in about 15-20 mins.
Got this arrangement from Doc
I have a three burner low pressure regulator and I boil about 35-38 litres wort in a 55 litre keg in about 25 minutes ( I insulate my Keg with a work bomber jacket while sparging as so it is already quite warm. 55-60 deg at start of heating) I build a wind shield withold bricks which really channel the heat to the Kettle. (after the hot break I have even turned one of the burners off) it works for me B)
Cheers Jethro
Well, I bought a three ring burner this arvo replacing the 'turbo' burner so hopefully it will be full steam ahead from here. I spoke to the bloke in the shop who actually seemed to know something about it and he's ordered an adjustable regulator for me so in a week or two I'll really be able to crank it up. He even gave me my full money back on the old burner as a 'trade in'! There are some good people out there after all ;) By the sounds of Jethro and Linz's experience my plan to use bricks as a windbreak is the go. I'm going to have a go tomorrow with the new burner and old reg so hopefully it'll be a bit quicker.

Thanks again,

yep. I fill pretty dumb, why didn't i think of bricks. Great idea! Simple. Cheers guys

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