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The Old Man of Brew
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Munting Ilog, Silang, Cavite, Philippines
I dont know about you guys and girls, but my next three beers are govened by the yeast I have at hand.

The three yeasts are White labs.
1. WLP802 Czech Bud
2. WLP320 American Wheat
3. WLP029 German Ale/Kolsch

The recipes I have developed go over some time, and its the first time in a while I will be making beers around the 5% mark. The beers below are a challange to make and get the balance right. Fermentation is really the secret with these yeasts or any other yeast you have for certain styles.

1. I have decided to make a Schwarzbier with WLP802. I want a dark lager that has that lager crisp. The style should not use any crystal malt and should not be sweet. If you make this beer right with the little amount of roasted barley you will wonder why dont I drink this beer every day. A black lager.
The recipe

2. Kolsch WLP029. I never got around to let DOC look at the hop schedule for this style as I run out of time to post it. You need to ferment at around 16C to 18C with this yeast to get it right. Its a great beer style and almost a lager. I believe if you want to make a good lager with a quick turn around time you could use this yeast.
The Kolsch recipe

3.American Wheat WLP320. Never used this yeast before, should be interesting though. Have 10kg of Rye malt left and this should make the beer very American with the hops. Ferment around 20C and no more.
American Wheat recipe