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I cracked one of my American Pale Ales last night. Its definitely drinkable but theres plenty of room for improvement. I had been tasting a bit when taking hydrometer reading through out fermentation to get a feel for how the flavours were developing, and I must say it tasted better when I bottled it than it does now (2 weeks later). :( So I think the problem was when I primed the brew. All the flavours are still there but they seem dominated by carbonisation. It is very fizzy, to the point you can feel the bubbles almost sting your tongue on contact. Also the head does not hold together for too long. The head also is very light and fizzy. I just used castor sugar (as advised by HBS) to prime and I think this may have had an adverse affect. Since I bottled that last batch Ive read a lot about priming with dextrose and DME.

Am I right in thinking it was the castor sugar that caused my probs? Or does it just need a little longer in the bottle?

Ive got an ESB wheat beer in the primary now. Would you recommend dextrose or wheat DME for priming this batch? Im a little concerned the wheat DME may make it a little too malty.
Hey Wax, I've primed with castor sugar and had the same result. I've primed with Wheat DME as well and found that it had good head formation and nice carbonation, but a overpowering malty taste. :mellow:

The guru's off this site recommended using Dextrose, you can see what they said under the topic off "Bulk Priming" By the way at the moment I'm doing a ESB American Pale Ale, and will prime with Dextrose ;)
I can't really see how 7g of wheat DME can give an overpoweringly malty taste.

Sucrose (caster etc sugar) is certainly 100% fermentable, but so is a lot of dextrose out there.

Jovial Monk
Hey Jovial Monk, the Wheat DME that I added to that brew (23L) was 200g boiled up in 2 cups off water. The O.G. was 1.060 and F.G. 1.010, was the amount I used to much :eek: or reasonable?

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