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MT; BK; Gas Burner; Pump; Chiller for sale

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I’m downsizing my brew setup so selling the below pieces of equipment
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Rubbermaid Mash Tun ready to use. Includes; 37.8 litre Rubbermaid. Ball valve and barb. 12" Stainless Steel False Bottom and reinforced connecting hose. mashmaster thermometer. $90

Polarware 56lt Stainless Steel Brew Kettle with double thickness bottom to help evenly heat during the boil. With pickup tube, thermometer and lid - great for storage and stacking SOLD

Mach Pump. The gold standard in home brew pumps. Ball valves and barbs - SOLD

Gas burner. perfect for a strong rolling boil and quick ramp up temps. Comes with regulator. - SOLD

Copper immersion chiller $10

Copper whirlpool attachment. When used with the pump gives a great whirlpool for flame out additions and to clarify the wort. $5

Hop sock - SOLD

Pickup South Turramurra 2074
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