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Hi guys,

Has any one tried a Morgans Continental amber ale before? And if so any comments. I have recently brewed a kit with 1.5 kgs of liquid malt and some fuggles as hops this has been CC in a keg for around 6 weeks now but im saving it for Christmas.
I did a Morgans amber ale recently - and to date it has to be the best brew ive made.
Brewed: 4.10.03
OG: 1041
Added Bits: 500gms dextrose
250gms dried corn syrup
500gms dried amber malt extract
Fuggles hops (in a tea bag)
Date bottled: 11.10.03
FG: 1013

its so young......but ive drunk the lot already!

Well that's easy anyway
good to here it's a winner
Have to have a look out for it :blink: :blink:
Mine's been down about 4 weeks and it's average so far, but that be largely due to the bottle I tried was the last one filled, it was no so much cloudy as chunky...

Fingers crossed for the others
I always put a D (for dreggs) on the cap of the last bottom filled - so I know which to look out for chunky bits!

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