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Brisbane Bayside
Hi All, moved up to the Sunshine State from freezing Tassie last year and still adjusting my home brews accordingly. Mostly far less time in the primary, and no heat pad - all Brissie winter yeah! Also for some reason I need far less sugar/bottle for secondary and Morgan's carbonation drops are working well at one per 750 Mangrove Jack Grosch style flip-seal bottles.

FYI for anyone interested I'm a long-time partial kit/+ extract brewer. Usually made good Stouts and Porters in Tassie , but now looking for lighter style Ales and Lagers for Queensland. Also, hoping to put a Dubbel style down soon and ready for Christmas with a target ABV around 9% - anyone on here tried? I'm planning to base mine on the Morgan's Belgian Ale kit + malt extract + corn-syrup with a Belgian Ale yeast of high tolerance ABV, then dry hop 50 gm Tetnanger after primary bubbling. I'll likely add the extra malt after the yeast active around 5 days. All comments and/or advice welcome.

Very interested in mini kegging, but not finding a local supplier - Again any advice or recommended source welcome.
If brewing lagers in Qld suggest using a fridge with a temperature controller to keep temperatures even, can use better yeasts as well for a much better tasting brew.

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