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I've just been dreaming away on working out what it would cost for all the bits I'd want in a brew sculpture/ag setup.
I went for the 1550 with a bunch of options without going too over the top (eg Stainless Steel frame), and the grand total was US$5619.95
So I got thinking maybe if I put a few bucks away each week and then for my 40th I'd get a super dupa sculpture with all the bits. The calcs come out to about US$21 a week and doesn't include shipping.
Looks like an esky and my ghetto brewery will be doing me well for quite some time.


nice plan doc. i wonder how much you need to put away for the bigger models with all the good stuff
I reckon it's far more rewarding to make your own from scratch, even it you use ghetto parts, which I'm going to try and do in a few weeks.

I doubt a setup like that would make a better beer.
Slight said:
I reckon it's far more rewarding to make your own from scratch,
I agree , and at $5619.95 US, I think most of us have little choice

Batz :ph34r:
OK, I have seen pictures of these around quite a lot and now that I am starting to get interested in looking into AG brewing, I thought I would ask the question..

What are the 3 levels for?

I'm guessing the mash is first, then the boil, then cooling... maybe???? :unsure:
usually ....

Hot Liquor Tank

with the boiler outlet still high enough for your cooling and drop into your fermentor.

On the morebeer scuplture we're talking about it goes- Mash tun on top. Kettle second one down. Third one Hot liquor tank.

Doc, I do believe that you could make one of these systems using many of the same parts as the morebeer 1550 for much less. For example:

I've been dreaming about getting 3 of the 14G kettles to make my brewery more legally friendly ;), they work out to be ~$250 australian each delivered separately on separate orders (Total $750). However, buy them from Northern Brewer, they cost exactly the same as the morebeer beer ones but your getting the modified kettle with thermometer coupling for $139US vs morebeers STANDARD kettle for $145US, the morebeer modified one w/ther coupling is $175US.

The stand should cost you not much using scrap steel and calling in a few favours from some welding buddies, even to get it welded up shouldn't cost too much. They use some pretty heavy steel, I'm certain you could get away with less. Go to the scrap yard, or try and source some old steel bed frames. Bed frames have a nice amount of steel in them with good lengths, they can be had for nothing often.

You already have one NASA burner, another two would set you back only about $80 (no need for 3 regulators). Or you could move one burner around but who really wants to do that, we're talking about an all out brew rig.

Your march pump from here in Australia $260ish, if you wait for the grain and grape 20% off sale you can get one for $215. And some fittings and valves for it $40. You might as well get silicone tubing from morebeer at $2US per foot, so say $30-40AUD while your getting a false bottom for about $70AUD.

Thermometers you can get for about $50AUD delivered. 3 of those for $150.

So although not there yet, you could get other goodies like stainless valves and bits, CPC disconnects, CVCFWC, some copper to plumb the burners, your still not looking too bad, well under the $5KUS price tag. So far for the above list of parts it's about $1400AUD. I'm sure I've spent more than that will all my brewing crap so far.

It's great to dream. I love that site. If I was to build that system though I'd lower it to a two tier with the kettle only a foot above the ground, then mash tun and hlt on the same tier above the kettle. That way you don't have to climb on any ladders to mash in. This is my biggest gripe with the morebeer 1550 systems. If I spend that much on a system I want the convienience of mashing in while standing on the ground-not balancing on a ladder trying to mash in 10kg of grain while stirring at the same time.

This guy here has one. It doesn't look like it functions that well actually.

Cheers, Justin

I agree that putting it all together yourself would definitely be cheaper.
What makes the Morebeer system attractive to me is all the little bits like float arms/switches, temperature control for the HLT and MLT etc.
I already have the CFWC and a pump is next on the major parts buy list.
Unfortunately in my industry I don't have welding mates, although I did learn to weld about 17 years ago :huh:
Maybe by the time I want a slick turnkey solution there will be a great Aussie version.

hi doc
i emailed morebeer early last year about approx freight cost for the 1550 and there guesstimate was around $800 usa so this may add a bit more to your weekly cost.

big d

ps dont forget to include the temp controlled ferminator. ;)
Doc said:
Maybe by the time I want a slick turnkey solution there will be a great Aussie version.
I heard a whisper last week that Grain & Grape will be doing one. No details other than it will be a 2 tier with pump.

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