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as i have probly mentioned before im only recently started using hops in my brews.....now what i would like to no is if im putting hops in with the wort, is there anypoint putting more in with the secondary..using one of those little tea bag dealies.

if this is to be done is it also advisable to use the same type of hops for both, or can someone sugest a few good hops combinations

Depends how much hop flavour you like. If you are a hophead like most homebrewers, you may want to add some to the secondary. Depends on the beer style and what you want.

To be a real hophead, you buy your hops by the kilo. Those 12gm baggies are very limiting and expensive.

Experiment. TRy just one type of hops first, then you may decide to add two types at once, it is your beer. But most brewers tend to use only one type of hop for flavouring, a bit like toppings on toast.

Mmm, vegemite and orange jam on toast?

I like to use the same hop front to back in brews, that is I use the same hop for bitter, flavour and aroma. I also like FWH with good noble hops.
Problem with the teabags are that they often are not stored cold and so go stale pretty quickly.
But if you don't have a HBS that sells good quality hops, I guess you are stuck with it.
adding hops to the secondary (dry hopping) will only really add aroma. so the type you add is determined by what type of aroma you want from your beer. do a search on hop varieties and you should get plenty of info which no doubt lead to more hop interest and questions. Hail the Hop!!
For dryhopping in secondary I would use a plug or two: each plug is 14-15g pretty much. I just pull the hop plug apart a bit, bung it into the cube and seal up.

At least two weeks are needed for good extraction of aroma

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I agree with the monk on this , plugs for dry hopping , they can be a pain as they sometimes block the tap , I find a very gentle rock of the jerry usually clears it.

A lot has been said about dry hopping with Saaz , eg grassy taste , I dry hop with Saaz in my Pilsner , I use Saaz plugs (one) I don't believe I have a grassy taste , and I leave it several weeks.
My tastes any way

even using plugs - i put the plugs in boiling water first for 3 mins - than add to the secondary....
Good idea GMK , would help to break them up , I'll try that next time

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