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Nunawading, Vic
No story is complete without a beginning...

I started brewing during the lockdowns in October 2020, and I invested in decent gear to try to ensure a good result. Grainfather G30 and conical fermenter. I was getting good results brewing purely IPAs and NEIPAs, because that's my jam, Before too long, I bought some kegs and a Kegland kegerator X, because bottles. Last year, however, I got seriously busy at work, picked up extra work with an old employer and just didn't have the time for brewing (also, did have the time to buy beer). Then, new grandson, daughter's wedding and so forth.

In any case, I just recently started to find a little time here and there, between work and time spent with the Golden Child. So a few weeks ago I brewed up a NEIPA to a tried and true recipe of mine. I also bought a set of rolled-edge mash plates, because the old, silicone gasket versions were a total PITA. The bottom seal always dislodged and leaked grain into the wort. So I was excited to see how the new plates performed.

As it turned out, the bottom plate was brilliant, but the top plate just wouldn't sit straight, and dislodged and got cocked at an angle early in the mash. Got so much grain in the wort that the pump/pipework gummed up irretrievable when I went to pump out through the chiller. Had to bucket the wort out with a jug and chill it in the fermenter. The resulting beer was drinkable, I guess, but well below my standard.

So we come to today, my 27th brew day. Smoothest brew day of my short career to date. I usually need to use a bike pump a few times in the process to clear the pump and pipework, but this time, the wort was as clear as day. Hit my OG, and generally had a fine time. What changed? I decided to use the rolled-edge bottom mash plate and the gasketed top plate. The mash was flawless. And then, not for the first time, I used a hop spider for my hop stand, keeping the hop trub in the kettle to a minimum.

So that's the CSA. If you have Grainfather kettle, use the new rolled bottom plate with the old top plate. Life is good, and I now anticipate a thoroughly drinkable result in time for Christmas. 🤞🍺🎄🎅

Of course, I have a backup plan. I didn't come down in the last shower...

Just used my new rolled plates for my G 30 and I thought they were excellent. I use a s/steel sink strainer on top of the top plate and pipework and everything stayed straight and the wort was clear at the end of the mash. I sparged without problems. Brew day went well and was 5 points upon my OG for the Munich Dunkel I made. I'd have another go with the top plate and do some trouble shooting as the problem your having. With all the mods that have been available for the G30, some manufacturer released and others from You Tube brewers, the rolled plates are one of the best IMO. Good Luck

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